18 years of the European Studies Program

Dra. Paulina Astroza
Directora del Programa de Estudios Europeos de la
Universidad de Concepción

Next week the European Studies Program (PEE) at the University of Concepción, which I have the honor of directing, will turn 18 years of existence. Born in 2002, in agreement with the University of Siena, Italy, it took on a life of its own beyond ties with the Italian University. The only permanent and multidisciplinary program dedicated exclusively to dissemination, analysis and research on European issues, it has been the beneficiary of three Erasmus + Jean Monnet projects of the European Union, including the only active chair in Chile. Thanks to the permanent and selfless work of a team of academics and academics, and added to the important support of a group of enthusiastic student assistants of the PEE, it has managed to consolidate itself over time.

Among the activities carried out these years, are the publication of 6 books (two more in preparation), the issuance of various diplomas in Concepción, Chillán, Los Angeles and Santiago, organization of seminars and conferences. We have also organized the Ecsa-Chile European Studies Congress on two occasions and we have our own television program “From the Region to the World”, hosted by journalist Javier Cisterna, broadcast on TVU screens.

Adapting to the contingency, the PEE has continued to develop its activities. Currently, we are teaching the complementary course open to all University Careers "European Experiences: A model to follow?", A course that we traditionally offered as a diploma to the community. We have also enabled our YouTube channel where we share interviews, which we carry out on European and international issues.

Recently, the team of student assistants were awarded a project by the Extension Directorate, where they will also generate their own content with interviews with leading academics and professionals from Chile and Europe. At our “coming of age”, I want to thank each and every one of us who have collaborated and cooperated with us over the years, and especially my colleagues who, without them, these achievements would not have been possible.