Pee's helper corps kicks off its outreach project

Corps of assistants of the European Studies Program begins its project of Academic Extension and UdeC Linkage

With the conference “A new polarized world? Global challenges after the Covid19 pandemic ”, the corps of assistants of the European Studies Program began the“ Global Perspective ”program, an Academic Extension and Engagement with the Environment project of the University of Concepción, and that week by week it will touch on topics that are currently news, both regionally, nationally and internationally, along with various guests.

On this occasion, the first chapter focused on the global situation of the pandemic, and how China and the United States face the crisis in totally different ways. For this, the guest was the sociologist, journalist and international analyst Raúl Sohr, who also conducts the international show Ultima Mirada in Chilevisión.

The person in charge of this interview was the journalist and diploma in European studies, Ricardo Naredo, who indicated that he was very happy to have started with this series of programs: “It is super gratifying that your own team has chosen you to start with the first chapter. of this project, and more considering the level of interview we had. Talking about international news, and how what happens outside our borders affects us is super important, since the idea is to reach people with this information in the clearest way possible, "said the communicator.

It should be remembered that the program is broadcast live through the social media of the European Studies Program (YouTube and Facebook).

May 27, 2020 Ricardo Naredo Fernández