TV Program "From the Region to the World"

"From the Region to the World" (DLRM) is a Television Program, broadcast at the time through TVU and later online, through which, through various guests, international news was fully analyzed. Thus, it constitutes an important instance, outside the capital, through which contemporary international relations are studied. 

In this sense, this Program was born from the support given by the Jean Monnet Project "Relations between Europe and Latin America" ​​as well as by the European Studies Program of the University of Concepción. 

Chapters and Seasons

"From the Region to the World" has been on the air since 2017, analyzing current events through international and national guests, all of them top-level.

Consequently, the program currently has 5 seasons, with such important guests as Lucia Dammert, Ricardo Lagos, Jose Antonio Sanahuja, Marta Domínguez, Cristián Barros, Helia Molina, among others.

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Images of the production of "From the Region to the World" during its face-to-face format.

The journalist Javier Cisterna conducts