About us

The European Studies Program of the University of Concepción (PEE) is an interdisciplinary university instance dedicated to the debate, training, research and dissemination of studies related to the European continent and, especially, to the European Union.

Created in 2002, the PEE was born from an agreement signed by the University of Concepción and the University of Siena. Every year, the PEE offers diplomas in various subjects related to the study of Europe and the European Union. In addition, to promote debate, it organizes a series of activities open to the community on contemporary issues and of interest to professionals, students and political authorities, among other recipients.

This program is attached to Rectory through the Directorate of Institutional and International Relations of the UdeC.

MISSION: We are a multidisciplinary team of academics dedicated to the training, research, dissemination and debate of European studies in Chile; We motivate our students to deepen their knowledge about the past, present and future of Europe; We invite academics from other places as well as the community in general to participate in our academic activities.

VISSION: To be, from the region, a benchmark in Chile on European studies.


1.- Strengthen the prestige of the diplomas offered with suitable teachers and give them greater diffusion and visibility in Chile and abroad;

2.- To promote research in European studies among students and academics at the University of Concepción and other academic institutions in Chile;

3.- Link the program with academic institutions and civil society in Chile and abroad on European issues.