The reconfiguration of the European Union's presence in Latin America and the Caribbean (EUinLAC)


The Jean Monnet project "The reconfiguration of the EU presence in Latin America and the Caribbean (EUinLAC)" analyzes EU-LAC relations in a challenging and rapidly evolving global scenario. This includes COVID-19, BREXIT, a new EU Commission and a new US administration, the rise of China and other emerging powers, and the role of Germany. The project responds to three needs:

  1. Promote teaching about the EU and its values ​​in the face of growing skepticism.
  2. raise awareness about the real presence and action of the EU in Latin America.
  3. Strengthen links between European and Latin American civil societies, including expatriate communities.

The truly interdisciplinary and international team will address two crucial aspects of EU-LAC relations: the role and foreign policy of key EU and LAC actors with the ability to boost bi-regional relations, and current and innovative issues on the agenda. bi-continental for a greener, more inclusive and prosperous future


Gian Luca Gardini – U. Friedrich-Alexander

Paulina Astroza – U. de Concepción

Julia Herrmann – U. Friedrich-Alexander

Jaime León Gonzales – U. Friedrich-Alexander

Sandra Zapata – U. Friedrich-Alexander

Juan Carlos Aguirre – U. Friedrich-Alexander

Jeanne Simon – U. de Concepción

Mauricio Rondanelli – U. de Concepción