Impact, Risks and Opportunities of Populism in Europe and Latin America

Impact, Risks and Opportunities of Populism in Europe and Latin America


The Project's academics are professors from Latin America and Europe who are specialists and have experience in European studies. This project will allow them to collaborate, for the first time, in a joint research project that will analyse, from a multidisciplinary perspective, future scenarios of populism in Europe and Latin America. Four Jean Monnet Chairs and one director of JM Centre of Excellence participate in the team.
The conformation of the project team respects gender parity in both continents and seeks to complement the different disciplines in order to develop a broad vision on the impact of populism in Europe and Latin America. It seeks to address these relationships from Political Science, Law, International Relations, Migration and History.
Given the changes and uncertainty currently present in the international scenario, the objective of this project is to establish a collaborative research agenda between academics from both continents with respect to the impact, risks and opportunities of populism in Europe and Latin America. This research will be collaborative, multidisciplinary and from both continents.
Conducting seminars open to the public in Concepción, Santiago, Madrid and Barcelona, in which academics present the results of their research and discussions, aims to give greater visibility to the topics studied and aimed at a broad audience that includes students and alumni of the different programs and courses of the Universities of Concepción (Chile), Real Instituto Elcano, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Barcelona Center for International Affairs (CIDOB Barcelona) (Spain) to interested academics, decision makers and civil society in general. 
The final e-book publication will be shared with the students of the different Universities of the team's professors, especially with the students that study the courses organized by the European Studies Program of the Universidad de Concepcion. The e-book will be available for all interested members of the civil society (open access).


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