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«Avant Garde Internacional» is a multidisciplinary student journal, produced within the Jean Monnet Chair on the European Union of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Concepción, which focuses on the exploration of relevant topics in the field of international and European studies, seeking to promote research and debate on issues critical to the European Union and its global impact.

Thus, this student journal is a platform for students to contribute their work in the area of European and global studies, encouraging student participation in academic debate and promoting rigorous research on critical issues in these fields of study such as politics, economics, environment and climate change, international security, migration and human rights.

The journal «Avant Garde Internacional» is committed to promoting academic excellence and informed debate on critical issues in the field of global and European studies. The journal will publish articles online on an ongoing basis and offers an annual print edition. All articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure their quality and relevance.

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  • Remember to review Avant Garde Internacional's Editorial Guidelines and Policies, available on the website.
  • If you are interested in submitting a text for consideration and subsequent publication in Avant-Garde Internacional should upload their manuscripts to the platform on the CEE website with a copy to the e-mail, según las pautas establecidas en este medio.
  • Manuscripts may not have any identifier with respect to the author(s).
  • In a separate Word document to the manuscript, the author(s) should include the following information: author(s), and a brief summary/curriculum vitae including maximum academic degree, institutional affiliation, city, country, and contact email address (institutional email if you have one).
  • In addition, the submission in which the work is enclosed shall indicate the section of the Journal in which you would like your work to be included (e.g. European Affairs, Global Affairs).
  • If the article is part of a research project or is funded, the name of the project, identification and funding agency or entity must be indicated in the document mentioned in the previous point.
  • The submission, editing and publication process is free of charge for the author.
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